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Meditations and Yoga Nidra to
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1. A meditation to help you access the Three Faces of Spirit in the Feminine Form

2. A Meditation for Being Held by the Goddess

3. A Meditation for sitting with the Transformative Power of the Goddess

4. Yoga Nidra for Accessing the Feminine Face of Spirit


A total of about 100 minutes in meditative practices to connect you with
your Inner Power and put the JUICE back in your life!
For Men and Women – this transcends gender,
we all have a masculine and feminine face of spirit within us.


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My gift to you is a free Treasure Chest of Meditations and Yoga Nidra for accessing Sacred Feminine Wisdom.
Please know too, in the heart of your Soul, that this is for men as well as women.
The Masculine and the Feminine go together and are inseparable…
both live within and as you, regardless of gender.
We can’t have one without the other. It simply isn’t possible.
It’s like trying to take the white out of milk
or the wet out of water
or the wiggle out of the snake.
They simply can not be separated.

Acknowledging this within and as you,
is the first step to fully embracing your CO CREATIVE POWERS
and manifesting the life you came here to.
So sign up in the form above to instantly receive
a treasure chest of free meditations and a yoga nidra practice –
a total of about 100 minutes in meditative practices
that will put the JUICE back in your life!

You’ll also receive other Loving Notes of Guidance to assist you on your journey,
and new meditations will be added to this Treasure Chest as we go along too.

This is a SacredJourney into the Creative Power of the Sacred Feminine and it’s for you if:

~ you are alive and living on earth in a human body
~ you’ve had an Awakening and you find yourself wondering ‘Now What?’
~ the future and the role you play in creating it is important to you
~ your inner glass ceilings are holding you back and keeping you small, stuck or quiet
~ it’s time to take your life to the next level
~ you’re ready for a VisionQuest to find your True Powers
~ deeper Wisdom and Power are calling to you, and you don’t know what to do with it
~ the REAL life you came here to live feels currently unlived
~ you simply want more sass and juice in your life because you’re tired of feeling dry and wrinkly
(trust me these meditations will do wonders for this!)


It is through repeated use of these meditation practices
that you unleash your inner power,
your SacredPath in life unfolds…
and you begin the journey inward to your SacredTruth.
Knowing this you speak your SacredVoice
and live your SacredPurpose in the world today…

It’s our SacredResponsibility to truly show up NOW….
It’s the only real meaningful way to truly LIVE.