Each class shed new light on what was happening in my life

kristi-ketting“This course helped me understand the moon cycle and how the energies of the different phases of the moon affect my body and mind thru my menstrual cycle. Learning about the different goddesses in the Hindu pantheon that Kali associated with each different phase of the moon/menstrual cycle helped me to feel the qualities of the different energies of each phase. Each class gave me a deeper understanding of the energies of that cycle, which shed new light on everything happening in my life during that phase. I connected with the meditations and they often brought me to a very deep, relaxed, grounded space. This course helped me tap in to the cyclical nature that is present in all of our lives, and to deeply embrace this continuous cycle. Before this class I was aware of these cycles, but I hadn’t actually integrated them into my life. Now I can pay attention to my menstrual cycle and the phase of the moon so I can tap into the synergy that is present there. The meditations helped us feel into, and connect with, the different energies. Kali has a way of taking me deep into a meditative state, where I could really tap in to feeling and intuition. At the end of each class I always felt deeply grounded.” Kristi Ketting

About Kali Carmel

A lover and a giver, a holder and a nurturer, with more than a decade of experience as a certified and licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a life time practice in yoga and Meditation. Her offerings will guide you in activating your wisest SacredSelf as you evolve into the New Human of the 21st Century and experience yourself as the Cosmic Light of Divinity Embodied. Dare to be all you came here to ;-)