Give yourself the gift of this class

Lindsey-Rae“Sacred Feminine Wisdom was truly a spectacular course. I felt instantly connected to the material in every class, though each one was unique and fascinating. The Mantras we learned were a huge piece of the puzzle for me personally. I cherished walking away from each class with a new mantra and relationship to work on with new Goddesses. I feel enriched now that I have this knowledge and awareness in my tool belt. Kali is a wonderful teacher; her narrative voice is clear and powerful, and her knowledge and passion for the subject is truly authentic. From one woman to all others, I highly encourage and support giving yourself the gift of this class!” Lindsey Rae Rodriguez

About Kali Carmel

A lover and a giver, a holder and a nurturer, with more than a decade of experience as a certified and licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a life time practice in yoga and Meditation. Her offerings will guide you in activating your wisest SacredSelf as you evolve into the New Human of the 21st Century and experience yourself as the Cosmic Light of Divinity Embodied. Dare to be all you came here to ;-)