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Learn to Channel Your Inner Goddess and Harness Your Inner Power!

A Six Week Journey to:

Discover the Rhythm of Self Love and how Dynamic,
Sacred Feminine
flows through your Body Each Month… 

Reveal the Archetypal Energies
of the Yogic Goddesses

that Fuel your Vitality and Power…
Uncover a Map to Experiencing Divinity
through the Menstrual Cycles
of your Post Modern WOMAN
Reacquaint yourself with the
Stable, Beautiful and Empowering Face of the Divine Masculine,
That which holds and Supports it All,
within and AS YOU.

Feature pic woman is the light of God

Do you want to understand the symbolic, inner wisdom of your body?
Have you been trying to figure out the crazy, weepy and emotional in your PMS?
Do you know why at some times of the month you have more and less energy than at others?
How would life be different if you knew how your body-mind was affected
by the phases of the moon and the seasons of the year – each month?
Did you know that different Universal energies
are flowing through you at certain times,
AND that you can draw from these patterns of energy
to empower and inform your choices in life?
Did you know that Divinity wants to express Itself through YOU
in THIS life time?
Are you ready to embrace the POWER of Sacred Feminine Wisdom
as It flows through your body each and every day?

This is what the Power of Sacred Feminine Wisdom has to offer. In this six week online journey into the mastery of Her ways, we will empower the rich and mysterious tapestry of a women’s intuitive life by re-connecting to the Archetypal energy of the Yogic Goddesses and WOMAN Herself. As you climb the mountain in your own Heart, you will reconnect with the innate, inner wisdom of Divinity and awaken to Her Sacred flow in, through and as your precious human body each and every month.

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This course will dive you deep inside yourself. You will find energy, power, wisdom and vitality, that is always there, and always has been, but it‘s as if you forgot it, or weren’t reminded in your youth that you still had it. Society didn’t want women to know their power…. now Society NEEDS women to know their power. YOU need to know how POWERFUL you really are and how to use that Power in a conscious and intelligent way. This course will teach you to reclaim the innate Wisdom held within your precious human body and your deeply intuitive mind…. and then how to use it in a very conscious and powerful way. It is time to harness your inner power, recognize that you are Divinity Embodied and that your role in life truly counts – whatever you choose it to be.

the dalai lamaIf the Dali Lama is to be right – that Western Women will save the world….. then we have much work to do….. and this is that work. It’s an empowering ideology to consider this process as not just for you, but for all women. And then do it for you first.

This SIX MODULE Journey will take you down a transformational path that will shift your entire experience of what it means to be WOMAN into a transmission or channeling of Sacred Feminine Wisdom. No longer need it be your monthly ‘curse’, ‘rag’ or Aunt Flow coming for another intrusive visit.  No longer need it be a mere painful experience or another unborn child to bury and mourn (as it was for me for many years, which you can read about here). Instead you will discover that Goddess Energy is flowing in, through and as YOU in precious human form and that SHE is guiding you through a Divine Plan. SHE always has been, always will…. this is how the Divine Feminine rolls – in and as your feelings, thoughts and ideas, your menses, your loves and your losses – even after you reach menopause and no longer bleed… for here is when the fun actually begins! Yes truly, for it is at Menopause that you finally shed the shit that no longer serves you, if you haven’t already, and give birth to your TRUE SELF. So getting to know HER Ways, and how SHE Flow through you as the Rhythm of Self Love, is Key to being WOMAN.

All you have to do is Re-Member (put back together)
that which you forgot was TRUE about you.

Telecourse Weekly Format:

Tree of LifeMay 5th – Module One: The Rhythm of Self Love – A Map to Experiencing Divinity through the Menstrual Cycles of Post Modern Women. Beginning with the energy of the New Moon, discover how the Menstrual Cycle is a Cycle of Energy that changes with each different phase of the moon. Learn how the Feminine Powers of Shakti flow and lead you through the phases of creating, sustaining, dissolving, concealing and revealing. This module will make you aware of the best times during each monthly cycle for creating, celebrating, letting go and being still and reflective, so that you maintain ultimate productivity throughout each year. The Goddess Power we will tap into during this Module is the contemporary woman’s Modern day Guru Herself – Durga: our Goddess of Protection and Strength and She who saves the world when nobody else can.

Spring SprigMay 12th – Module Two: Wide Awake Boldness and the Archetypal Energy of Creativity and Independence. As our Grandmama Luna waxes through Her first quarter, you tune into your own Creative Power and Independence and meet yourself as “Virgin-Maiden”. Play with this pattern of Consciousness in the true sense of the word as ‘She who’s body and life is unto her own.’ Explore the boons of new beginnings granted by the waxing moon and the Season of Spring. The Goddess Power we tap into during this module is every Creatrix’s dream and inspired Muse Herself – Saraswati: She who Flows as Intuition, Intelligence and Creativity.

Mother Flower May 19th – Module Three: The Archetypal Energies of Sustenance, Celebration and Sensuality Combined with the Sacred Marriage. Now, with Grandmama Luna full and bright in the sky, you connect with your inner Mother-Lover. You embrace Feminine Empowerment and celebrate Her capacity to balance the worldly and spiritual sides of life. Be both holding and nurturing and, as importantly, held and nurtured yourself. Explore the boons of fertility for all creative endeavors, not just conception of child, but for the process of manifestation in it’s entirety. Here you meet yourself as the midwife of your life and the fullness of Summer time LOVE. The Goddess Power we tap into during this module honor the Divine Mother and Lover as Parvati – She who embodies the Sacred Marriage.

Tree of the Underworld May 26th – Module Four: The Archetypal Energies of Dissolution and Letting Go Combined with Inner Revolution and Ultimate Truth.  As Grandmama Luna wanes in the nights sky She draws you into the Underworld and our deepest Truth. Here you meet the Wild Woman, your radical and wise Inner Healer. You become intimate with the boons of darkness, the season of Fall and, from deep within you, the Passionate Mother Surfacing, who you formally  knew as your Pre Menstrual Tension. The Goddess Power we tap into during this module is the audacious Kali – She who pushes the boundaries and liberates you from that which keeps you small or stuck or quiet.

The Wise ConeJune 2nd – Module Five: The Archetypal Energy of Full Surrender, Radical Freedom, Renewal and the Birth of your True Self. Now you return to the New Moon, go inside to the stillness within and meet your inner Wise Woman-Crone. Here you reveal the mystical tools of Shedding, Reflection, Renewal and Visioning in the realm of Sacred Darkness and the season of Winter. Here you meet the dynamic qualities of Wisdom and the Truth about who you are and why you’re really here. The Goddess Power we tap into during this module is the Crone Goddess of letting go, Dhumavati – She who’s name means Smoke.

SourceJune 9th – Module Six: The Archetypal Energy of the Divine Masculine and that Which Holds it All. This course would not be complete without honoring the other half of reality, so here we meet the Stable, Beautiful and Empowering Face of the Masculine Face of Spirit. At the heart of Universal Consciousness are two qualities – Awareness and Love. Awareness has a stable, masculine quality to it while Love has a dynamic, feminine quality – together the two dance as the One within and as you. In the previous modules we explored different faces of Shakti, or Feminine Power. In this final module we explore Shiva – the Source that Shakti empowers – and how we may now move forward as Divinity Embodied.   

What you receive:

From each module you will receive:

  • downloadable MP3 recording from each evenings talk,
  • at least two downloadable meditations pertaining to the Archetypal energies explored that day 
  • downloadable pdf illustrations
  • membership in our private FaceBook community group
  • an expanded perspective on life and the power that lives in and as YOU.

Each class is held live online Thursdays, 5.30-7.30pm (US Pacific Time) from May 5th.
See relevant modules for appropriate dates.

This journey promises you a shift in perspective that will alter how you perceive yourself and experience life by empowering you with the ancient wisdom of Self Knowledge and deep intuitive insight. And because the relationship you have with yourself is the longest, most intimate, relationship you will ever have, improving this one, will improve all others.

When making any changes in your worldly life,
shifts need to happen first on the inside
that align your vibration with
the co-creative, empowerment and flow you were born with.

It took a massive amount of focused Causal energy
to bring your Soul into physical form
and manifest the YOU that you are today.

Yet, somewhere along the way,
it is likely you have forgotten who you really are
and why you’re really here.

In a series of short lectures and specially designed meditation practices,
each followed by journaling exercises and discussion,
you will uncover the wisdom of Sacred Feminine energy as SHE flows
in, through and as you in precious human form.
Through learning how to track your monthly cycles
with the phases of the moon and the seasons of the year
you will, not only improve the relationship you have with yourself and consequently others,
you will also refine your capacity for intuitive wisdom and deep inner peace and flow,
as well as empower your SacredSelf to act co-creatively in the process of manifestation.

While the actual course will only take you six weeks, you will be able to continue with the material over several months all the while applying it to your own deepening Rhythm of Self Love. In this way you will connect with a realizational experience that creates permanent and evolutionary transformation in your life.

Practice is key to understanding
the deeper mystery of what it means to be “woman”
and to experience yourself as Divinity embodied….
and that… is what this process is all about. 

To reserve your Seat in the upcoming course starting Thursday May 5th, take advantage of the Early Bird pricing of just $97 by registering prior to March 31st. After that the price is $157.

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