SacredHypnoGoddess FaceBook Community

Because our journey through life can be rich, complex, crazy, wild, blissful, freakin hard, beautiful and unbelievably mysterious, and because, as post modern humans – that is humans who are called to think way far out of the box in order to move forward in a safe and sustainable way – we need to create a whole new PARADIGM in which to live, and because sharing our different ways is the Way forward, I have started what I hope to be a juicy virtual community here on FaceBook. I invite you to click the link and request to join.

I’ve created this community because, so often, life is not easy, but, with the right attitude and approach, it can be a deeply intriguing and insightful, as well as profoundly joyful, ride.

So this SacredHypnoGoddess FaceBook Group is for BEINGS who want to offer and share practices that:

1. expand the mind,
2. balance the body,
3. open the heart, and
4. liberate the Soul.


PLEASE follow the DAILY THEMES so that each day we have a COMMON FOCUS. In this way, in time, people will come to know that there is a place they can come on certain days of the week for a particular solution set.


And the DAILY THEMES are:


🌹MOODY MONDAY’S – tune into your emotions and share. Any mood is welcome, the light and the dark are all a part of who we are.

🌹TRICKY TUESDAY’S – today please share with others tricks and solutions to YOUR life’s challenges. Spiritual practices welcome!

🌹WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY’S – share your gratitude, expand it for yourself and liberate it for others. Gratitude practices welcome!

🌹TAROT THURSDAY’S – each Thursday I’ll pick at least one Tarot Card from one of my Oracles to share. Perhaps you want to pick a card from your own deck and share too?

🌹FABULOUS FRIDAY’S – promotion day! Share your personal offerings. Please do not promote your promotions on any other day of the week… just Friday’s.

🌹SASSY SATURDAY’S – post what makes you feel sassy and good, recipes, meditations, cute cat videos, self care practices, whatever makes you feel sassy and fine, please share it with us all today!

🌹SILLY SUNDAY’S – what makes you laugh? ANYTHING that makes you laugh will undoubtedly make someone else laugh too. Ripple a giggle out into the world today


I love to live life by the moon so I’ll post Moon Cycle wisdom from our Grandmama Luna in the Sky here too.

Please DO NOT use this group for promotions – apart from on Fabulous Fridays when you promote your own personal offerings or offerings that you are personally affiliated with in some way.

Please ONLY USE this group for sharing, from your authentic heart, that which will inspire others to get out of their box, remove their glass ceilings and contribute towards the creation of our much needed new paradigm for a sustainable and safe future for all.

And finally

Please DO SHARE this by inviting others to join us here.

COLLABORATION, SHARING and NURTURING is key moving forward. The more we offer our own uniqueness and discuss solutions and practices as well as laugh and love here in places like this, the more likely we are to unravel the modern day mystery and reveal a safer, more sustainable way to move forward.

But it all starts on the inside and coming together from here – so click here and request to join the SacredHypnoGoddess FaceBook Group now.

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om om
Kali Carmel