A Month of Sacred Feminine Wisdom

mailchimp imageDiscover the Divinity that Lives within YOU and Empower Yourself to Live Your Most Intuitive and Wise Year Yet…..

You are invited to join me in my SacredHypnoGoddess Cavern in Tahoe City for a Month of Sacred Feminine Wisdom starting 12th January 2016 – with the energy of the New Moon. New Years energy is potent, and gathering for the first New Moon of the year makes it even more potent and powerful….

This is a special and sacred opportunity to deepen your experience of life as a woman embodying the Divinity of Goddess energy…. and it may be perfect timing for you to join us and start the year off from your deepest, most Sacred and Empowered Self this January…

Everyone who attends will be moved and empowered with Sacred Feminine Wisdom – which is so very important at this time.

Space is limited to just 7 women…. so I invite you to read through the following and see if you feel it calling your name…. See if you might be one of those seven women who join me as we explore a Month of Sacred Feminine Wisdom… and deep Inner Revolution.

It will be intimate…..

I have a wealth of Knowledge and Experience I want to share with you on a deeply Revolutionary level…

….. because what I’ve noticed in working with Goddess energy is a deep calling from women for more depth, and greater understanding and clarity around what it means to be a Post Modern WOMAN who is re engaging with Goddess energy at this time in human evolution…. This is truly unprecedented territory upon which we tread and we need a new map….

This course will not only offer you this map, but it will also be a chance to create a Sacred Circle in which you may go deep in a community of resonant and like minded women. I’m keeping it just to seven so it can be intimate, yet safe, while being deeply exploratory and revealing….. as well as Revolutionary…

Yes, it will be Revolutionary

This format will provide you the opportunity to connect on levels that aren’t normally available in the shorter, one off, workshop space that I normally provide. It is a chance to delve deeper into what is true for you than you’ve maybe ever known before, to sit in transparency where deeper levels of clarity can be revealed each week and to let go outmoded aspects of your psyche that no longer serve your life calling. It’s a beautiful opportunity to test and share this newly re-membered wisdom in a safe and nurturing space.

When you Re-Member, you put back together that which you forgot was true about you… so this is your chance to reveal the Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine in, through and as YOU in the POST MODERN human form of WOMAN…..

I wonder what would be possible then??

We can’t go back to the time of the Red Tent…. but you can include the wisdom of the past and combine it together with what you know today… and as you reveal deeper and deeper, more and more evolved levels of your own Sacred Feminine Wisdom, you will find the path that allows you to move forward, empowered and strong in a more sustainable vision for the future, for your self…. and for the Collective.

AND yes, It will open the door to infinite possibility…

We can’t go back to the time of the Red Tent…. but you can include the wisdom of the past and combine it together with what you know today… and as you reveal deeper and deeper, more and more evolved levels of your SacredSHE, you will find the path that allows you to move forward, empowered and strong in a more sustainable vision for the future, for your self…. and for the Collective.

when you gather together as women like this,
and harness your Inner Power….
You re-connect with a force that is more powerful
than anything else you’ve known…

What would it be like to gain the kind of clarity,
conviction, courage, endurance and wisdom
that is deeply connective to Sacred Intuition
and knows you simply cannot fail?


Your early bird investment for our five weeks together is
$170 due by January 2nd
$180 thereafter
and the weekly format looks mostly like this:

(all classes are Tuesday evenings from 7 – 9pm)



  • We start with the energy of a New Moon, the season of Winter, the archetypal energy of the Wise Woman/Crone and the Crone Goddess Dhumavati.


  • Here we will delve into the waxing moon, the season of Spring, the archetypal energy of the Virgin/Maiden and the Goddess Durga and Sarastwati.


  • Here we will delve into the potency of the full moon, the season of Summer the archetypal energy of the Mother/Lover and the Goddess Lakshmi.


  • Now the moon wanes, the season turns to Fall, the archetypal energy of the Wild Woman/Enchantress emerges and the Goddess Kali reveals her Fierce Grace as we sit in the energy of PMS – or, as I’ve come to know her, the Passionate Mother Surfacing.


  • We conclude, as we began, on a new moon. In this final session together we return to the energy and wisdom of the Crone so we can reflect on all we have learned and tune into the greatest shifts that have occurred within our Body/Mind. Here you will become clear as to how Sacred Feminine Wisdom is awakening with your body and how SHE would like to use your Body/Mind as a Sacred Instrument in this lifetime.

In each of the above modules we will explore the relevant myths of the
Goddess and Ancient Feminine Wisdom through meditation
and story telling, journalling and sharing


This is a Sacred Path and I would be honored if you felt the call to join me on it.

Intake will be limited to only SEVEN women
No exceptions. My space is big enough for just this many!

First in first served, although I will ask a few questions to assess your readiness for this group.

Registration will close December 15th so that those who are registered can
begin the preparation work over the new Year by tuning into the
potent and powerful energy the New Year brings with it.

A non refundable prepayment of $180 for the four weeks
is to be received by the 15th of December.

If you would like to join us on this month long journey,
please just PM me via FB or call me on 530 363 5032.

om love
Kali Carmel


All gatherings will be held in my SacredHypnoGoddess Cavern
above Alpenglow in Tahoe City, Suite 205, 405 North Lake Blvd

If you would like to register your place in this Month of Sacred Feminine Wisdom,
please contact me and it will be my divine pleasure to hook you up for this very special event.




Journal If you have already registered then now you want to do three things:


i) Chose a special journal that you will use for this Sacred inquiry into the archetypal realm of what it means to be WOMAN…. to be GODDESS…. to be DIVINITY EMBODIED in human form

ii) Find the perfect meditation cushion you will use to sit on. Choose this as part of the intention setting and container creating process in preparing for a sacred process of inner inquiry….

iii) Open up to the question “How does the flow of Sacred Feminine Wisdom want to awaken within me at this time?” And perhaps start to journal on that….

I invite you to begin choosing, and contemplating, these things now….
in doing so you start to build the field and the cauldron of transformation starts to simmer….
and yes, the process begins.


With Fierce Love and Grace

Kali Carmel


PS. For meditations on Awakening Sacred Feminine Wisdom within your own embodiment click the link above. This site is still in the birth canal but these meditations are yours for free right now. And I have more I will be adding soon from the most recent Revealing the Goddess Within workshop that I ran last week…  as well as a Yoga Nidra for embracing the Flame of Transformation that I led in the class I taught this morning….. all coming soon!!

PPS.  An online version of this very course is also percolating…. so stay tuned for that…