40 Day Inner Revolution

There is a loving presence that lives within you waiting for you to come closer.
It has a pulsation and vibration that informs and initiates all that you do.
And when you still yourself and get quiet enough to hear it
you meet the part of you that knows
who you are and why you are really here.
When you live in the wave of this flow
life becomes easy and joyful, buzzing with meaning and purpose
and abundantly rich in infinite ways.

Many great minds are saying that we are living in a time that our body-mind has yet to awaken to.
And it seems to me that the future our body-mind evolved for no longer exists
and many of us aren’t sure what to do or how to be in this time.
So we’re asking why are we even here?
But we need to think, do and be differently.

So I ask you:
Has your inner sacred activist pushed the button
on your personal Inner Revolution?
Are you ready to meet the future that is here and
DARE to be all you came here to?


This introductory package is for you if
you have had an Awakening and you’re wondering ‘Now What?’
you feel like you’re on the verge of a major shift in perception,
you feel disorientated and out of place….
you feel like you don’t ‘fit’ in the world anymore,
you care about the future and you want to make a difference,
but you’re not sure where to start.

It’s for you if 
things are feeling a little weird and wobbly
but you’re ready for a VisionQuest to find your True Powers.

its for you if
it feels like the REAL life you came here to live is happening in a parallel Universe.

It’s also for you if
a bunch of “not good enough-ness” and “uncertainty” is surfacing
or if deeper Power and Wisdom is calling to you
and you don’t know what to do with it.

It is for you if
you feel unable to cope or
you’ve hit a glass ceiling and can’t move beyond it on your own.

It’s for you if
you feel somewhat to a lot unstable,
and perhaps you’re even questioning your sanity.

Or maybe you just want more sass and juice in your life
because you’re tired of feeling dried up and wrinkly before your time
and you just want to know what’s next and who you are NOW.

AND it’s for you if
you’re experiencing the kind of shifts where
you are recycling your job, lover and locale all in the same breath.

Yes, life can be like this when it wants your attention…. 

So we create a sacred container of support
that will keep you committed to your goals,
through it all
from the messy to the miraculous.

will set you up 

for radical FREEDOM.


The ego has pretty firm ideas of how things ‘should’ be.
But once you’ve had your first awakening,
you begin to see how strong your monkey mind has been
in holding up all it’s false pretenses…..
and then, suddenly, in a nano second,
the house of cards that was your personality
comes tumbling to the ground….

And believe it or not, this is the perfect opportunity to reconstruct your new you.

Sometimes it’s like having your heart blown wide open…
where you suddenly feel a crazy sense of love and compassion for anyone and everyone.
Other times, it’s completely disorientating and confusing.
Either way it can be overwhelming and perplexing as to what to do when and as it happens.

If you’ve already had that first awakening, then you already know what I mean…
if you haven’t, then this is the perfect container in which to set yourself up for it.
Because it can be a messy process….
but it’s the kind of mess that miracles come from
IF you allow yourself to let go of the old house of cards
that you used to call you.

Because what is happening,
is that your SacredSELF is emerging.
It’s like the energy of birth,
you cannot stop it once it starts.
It’s time to Channel your Inner Power and
realize yourself as Divinity Embodied.

It is time for the New Human of the 21st Century
to be birthed as YOU



Your 40 day Inner Revolution

provides you with a personalized plan
for transforming out-dated, limiting beliefs around not being or having enough,
moves you through the messy to the miraculous by uncovering the SacredTruth about you,
helps you access your deepest desires and intentions
so that you can do anything you set your mind to…
even the seemingly impossible.

This is for you if you feel:

not good enough

fearful or angry

sad or depressed
dull, impatient or lazy

anxious, stressed or worried
small, stuck or insignificant
trapped, empty or hopeless
unloved, inadequate or wrong
doubt, regret or shame
directionless, purposeless, loveless
lost or alone or
basically…. just not enough


NONE of the above is who you really are…
is so much more EXPANSIVE than that.

All the above limiting feelings come from the root belief
“I am not enough” or “I don’t have enough”.
When you hold these limiting beliefs
you block yourself from the peace, freedom and happiness
that is available to you beyond the illusion of unworthiness.
It’s root can come from
childhood programming,
past life experiences,
cultural and gender shadows
as well as environmental influences
and your general attitude to life.
These beliefs keep the life you came here to live
out of reach while it unfolds in some parallel Universe.

This Inner Revolution is all about activating that parallel life
in this realm
here, now.

Stuck, small, constricted, sad or lonely is not your TRUE Nature
and is not who you really are!!

You know you were born to live that other life.
It’s time to push the button on your very own Inner Revolution.


know this:

you are more than good enough
AND you can do anything that you came here to do
NO MATTER how impossible it may seem!
You  just gotta WANT it
AND you’ve gotta put some effort in to get it.


This 40 Day Inner Revolution will
re-wire old programming that no longer serves your current reality
and reveal the SacredTruth about who you really are.
It will pave the path for your journey to Freedom

and the deeper more transformative work
that can be undertaken once this initial foundation of
self confidence, belief and trust is established.


Your Inner revolution will create:

an embodied and empowered sense of self confidence and drive,
self empowerment in your innate capacity for manifestation,
greater acceptance of what is
and capacity to effect what can be
spontaneity and trust with a natural joy for life,
greater freedom, vitality and peace…



This process will move you out of stuck and contracted ways of being
that limit your capacity to invoke higher intelligence from the field of the subtle realm.
It prepares you for coming apart without falling to pieces
so that you may rebuild yourself whole and complete,
less the limiting beliefs and ways of being.
It enables you to let go of what no longer serves you
and opens you to attract, and allow in, the people and experiences that will.
It will prepare you to embark upon the life path and SacredPurpose you incarnated for.

Dissatisfaction radiates out the energy and vibration of further dissatisfaction…
so we first find total acceptance in exactly what is.
We get what we put out there
and because the sub conscious mind is an energetic field
it attracts and repels to and from it frequencies of similar vibration.
If you want to change your life in powerful and constructive ways
it is therefore imperative that you look beyond the surface of the conscious mind
and into the deeper field of the sub and super-conscious mind.
This is a symbolic realm that creates, sustains and destroys
based upon your programming and conditioning,
thoughts and beliefs, emotions and feelings,
perceptions and expectations –
regardless of whether or not you are aware of them.
Self awareness is therefore KEY in living a meaningful life.

Regardless of what happened in your past,
if you continue to track with the same story you’ve always had,
you will continue to create the same story in the future.
But if you are prepared to roll your sleeves up,
dive in and do the work required to change your story,
then subtle changes will ripple out to create massive transformation,
in not just your life, but in that of the Collective also….
It all just starts by looking within your own precious being….
and loving everything you find.

Because your basic fundamental Self,
your Original Nature,
is one of JOY and LOVE, PEACE and FREEDOM,
You are a LIMITLESS being with infinite potential.
When you un-learn all that made you forget your Original Nature,
and Re-Member who you really are
and why you are really here,
you connect to a wellspring of health and wealth,
confidence and trust….
and the seemingly impossible becomes possible…
and the unknowable, known.


pre intake questionnaire to assess your goals
a two hour kick-off/Tarot Reading/goal setting session

3 one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions

(either over Skype or in person)
unlimited email support
personalized assignments after each session

on going journaling processes

up to 3 “whenever you need them calls” (up to 15 mins each)
exit questionnaire to assess goal accomplishment
a one hour exit assessment interview

introductory price


Or, if a 40 day container doesn’t feel enough for you, then click here for the Six Month Metamorphosis Package.

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