VirtalSacredSHE Moon Circle Gatherings

Come gather with your sisters in this virtual circle to support and empower each other, to share life stories and experiences, prayers and thoughts, intentions and visions. Here we will tap into the power of Sacred Feminine Wisdom. Here nothing is good or bad, right or wrong and nothing has to be how it ‘should’ be… instead each woman is supported and nurtured wherever she is at in this moment.
So bring your joys and successes as well as your challenges and your sorrows.
It is all welcome here.

Next Circle is on the 18th of May at 6pm Pacific Time and Starts in:

Please NOTE: Event Page Password is SACREDSHE

All women welcome, please invite your sisters
This is a free offering,
with donations warmly accepted here:

Virtual sacredshe moon circle gathering

We’ll invoke a Sacred Circle with a specific intention for each gathering in which we will meditate, journal and vision and then women can partake in sharing as much or as little as they like about their life, intentions, visions, challenges, successes, relationships…. whatever feels true and pertinent in this very moment. This is not an opportunity for therapy but you will notice that this sharing will come from a part of you that is deeper than what you are normally aware of. New insight and perspective will be gained. And in sharing we not only connect but we empower both ourselves and others.

It’s a beautiful experience to gather the women in a Sacred Circle… where powerful … intimate…. and liberating visions and intentions will emerge. So come tune into the energy and vibration of our Grandmama Luna and the wisdom she is bestowing upon us for this cycle….

Come channel your inner Goddess
and who you REALLY are
by connecting to your Sisters

and liberating your SacredSHE


Keep up to date through our SacredSHE Moon Circle Facebook group here too.