6 Month Metamorphosis

True change, the kind that really makes an impact, takes time.
Metamorphosis is a process of conspicuous change
where the form or nature of something transforms into
a completely different way of being.

Think caterpillar to butterfly, earth bound to flying high.

It is true transformation that takes courage and endurance.
And not everyone wants it….

But if you’re someone who has felt the call for something more than mainstream status quo,
then you’ll want to set yourself up to make your metamorphosis
as smooth and nurturing and fun as possible.
Because once you’ve been bit by the wanna-wake-up-more bug,
something within you has awoken that will never go back to sleep again.
It will not only change your life, but it will change your whole experience of reality….

from time to time,
especially when it gets disorienting,
scary and hard….
try tho you might,
to roll over and go back to sleep,
the Awakening that is occurring within you
will not be ignored.


Yes, during your metamorphosis stuff will come up, it always does. But each new layer that comes up for review will reveal something new, something old, something borrowed and probably something quite blue too. It’s just like this… as if marrying deeper and deeper levels of spiritual Self with precious human form until you realize that you are indeed DIVINITY EMBODIED.

So a safe and nurturing container
that supports and holds,
encourages and nurtures,
as well as nudges and prods,
keeps you aligned with the wishes of your SacredSelf,
and the call of your SacredPurpose.

Because it is when you are aligned with your deeper nature
that the brilliance already within you truly shines.


Using hypnotic and meditative techniques and processes I help you remove your glass ceilings, bring light to shadows in the mind and clear the blocks that keep you small, stuck or quiet. Only you can take your seat in this world. No one else can do what you have come here to do. Because only YOU are uniquely you. But you don’t have to do it alone. You are never alone anyway.

The message an inner metamorphosis brings is that you are an evolutionary creature living in an evolving cosmos where there are infinite possibilities available to you. And you start to become more and more aware of any lack of alignment between the role you are currently playing and the one your SacredSelf came here to play. Once you awaken to this realization, every fiber in your body will want to play the part you incarnated to play. So you begin to tune into the deeper Desires and Intentions that live beyond the dreams of your conditioned self. And from here nothing is ever the same again…

This process of awakening to deeper Truth can be
uber frustrating, chillingly depressing and anxiety provoking.
I will not lie to you!
It can also be chronically exciting, incredibly uplifting and deeply insightful.
But however it unfolds, you cannot negotiate with your own SACRED CALLING!


The best thing you can do is
let go,
buckle up,
lean in
and go for the ride….

Sacred Wisdom WANTS to awaken within, and AS, you
this is your Life Force and Co-Creative capacity.

And the world desperately needs humanity to re-engage with this
more collaborate and nurturing Face of Spirit.

The emotions you experience as you awaken are
information that this Wisdom is feeding you.
If you are reading this page,
you are feeling the call for a deeper,
more meaningful role in this lifetime.
And once you get out of your own way,
stop focusing on what isn’t happening in your life,
and instead surrender to what is happening,
a Power so much greater
than what you are normally aware of comes forward
awakening a whole new and way more confident way of BEING.

This is your Inner Metamorphosis.
You will feel it’s TRUTH in your blood
and it will turn your life around

it has a bigger, more intelligent picture in play for your life
than you could have come up with by yourself.


When something is not working,
or is not flowing,
or is keeping you in constant struggle,
you must ask yourself:


If not this, then what?


No matter what aspect of harnessing your inner power you are struggling with,
you are here to experience Divinity Embodied.
You are so much more powerful than you know.
This Sacred Wisdom is never afraid or uncertain, nor small or stuck, and neither need you be.
It’s time to engage in the Sacred process of giving birth to your TRUE Self
and enacting your TRUE CALLING in the world
so that you may BE the YOU you came here to be
and live he life that is aligned with your SacredPurpose.


to download more of your Soul energy,
more of your Soul Power,
more of your SacredTruth.
Because the FUTURE needs you
to dissolve the energy that is no longer serving you and
to gather the resources you have gained from
all your past and future selves, and all alternate realities….
like only YOU can.

There are three waves to your Inner Metamorphosis – each given approximately two months:

FIRST we start with the relationship you have with yourself
and finding the clarity and inspiration that comes from
honoring the Desires, Intentions, Wisdom and Truth of your SacredSelf.


Once this is clear and affirmed
you are called into the SECOND phase where you
align with your SacredPurpose
and your personal Blueprint with the Universe.


Embarking upon the THIRD phase means you’re ready and able to address
your relationship with lovers and others and
to create the kind of life that takes you to the next level….


You can dive straight into this depth of work… or you can start with the 40 Day Inner Revolution. Either way, by the time you come to your 6 month Metamorphosis it is now time to give birth to the YOU you really came here to be. To access your SacredVoice, to Channel your Inner Power, to speak your SacredTruth. It is time to enact your Sacred Calling. Because who are you not to SHINE?! Who are you not to show up? Like any journey through a birth canal, it takes time. But once the energy of the birthing process starts, all you can do is surrender and go with it. There is no stopping the birth of who you really are. It is your time to show up and shine. This is your greatest commitment to yourself… to your SACREDSelf…. and to the FUTURE. The world needs you. Because ONLY YOU can be YOU in the world today. But, again, you don’t have to do it alone.

I believe the Universe is laced with potent and powerful energies that will guide and support you in seemingly magical ways…. IF you align with it. So check into what you are aligning with and dare to explore the inner resistance that holds you back from who you really are and why you are really here.

 Format of focus

Phase One – relationship with self

Phase 2 – relationship with the Universe/Sacred Alignment

Phase 3 – relationship with lovers and others



pre intake questionnaire to assess your goals and glass ceilings
a two hour kick-off/Tarot Reading/goal setting session

meditation practice sessions every other week
(13 in total with assigned, personalized technique)
hypnotherapy/coaching sessions every three weeks

(8 in total either over Skype or in person)
monthly personalized assignments
ten “whenever you need them calls”
(phone or Skype, up to 15 mins each)

midway goal assessment meeting if required

unlimited email support

exit questionnaire to assess goal accomplishment
a 1 hour exit assessment interview

up to 2 one hour emergency/bonus sessions if required



introductory offer
one payment of $2,998(usd)

or three payments of $1,198(usd)