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What Value is there in Learning to Channel Your Inner Goddess?
Join me for a FREE chat with my Soul Sister Sarsha Hood on April 13th at 5pm Pacific Time.


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This is going to be a juicy chat about women and our place in society. We’ll talk about where we’ve come from as women and the possibilities of where we might be heading individually and collectively – should you embrace the force of the Goddess who is is living HER LIFE as YOU. It’s gonna be juicy and real so please join us!

The Dali Lama has said that it will be Western Women who save the world. And according to psychiatrist and brain expert, Dr Daniel Amen, “Women are natural leaders. They are wired to lead.” But too many women lack the confidence and self esteem that would give them the courage to step into their natural brilliance. He also says in his book “Unleash the Power of the Female Brain” that it is to the women’s brain the rest of the family will naturally entrain. So if it is the woman of the household who is anxious, neurotic, fearful, angry etc, then the rest of the household can subconsciously gravitate in her direction.

Diana Bryer feature image with creditSo…. Having an empowered mother figure at the head of the household, and on a larger scale the community… and the world… one who is connected to seasonal patterns and the rhythms of the Universe, one who is hooked up and linked into the force of Sacred Feminine Wisdom that flows in, through and as her precious human body-mind, one who is completely embracing of her Masculine other half, is going to have a positive and serving effect on the rest of the household… work environment… place in the community…. and the world in general. Because the bottom line is that the more Conscious we all are, the less painful reality becomes – on all levels.


And from a totally evolutionary perspective,
it has become apparent that the reality we have evolved
for is not the one we are currently living in…
and so we need to evolve differently, and quickly.


BUT HOW do we become a self we can’t yet even imagine?


First we must restore our most ancient knowledge and greatest power
so that we may Re-Member who we really are and why we’re really here.
It is time to Re-Member that there is a force that flows through our body,
that it always has and always will….
and instead of listening to society’s demands that we “man up,”
we must indeed “tune in.”


An entirely new way of being is waiting for us ALL.
And for it to fully unfold we must include the ancient knowledge of the past,
as well as the energy and information that the Beingness of the Cosmos
is trying desperately for us to now hear.


So… if Western Women are to save the world….. then we, as western women, have much work to do….. reconnecting with our Sacred Feminine Wisdom is that work.

This FREE talk, raw and real, is hosted with with my Soul Sister and fellow yoga teacher/lover of truth, Sarsha Hood of – so it’s going to be the kinda of sister chat you’ll wanna hop in on…. April 13th at 5pm (Pacific Time) where we will discuss in more depth all of the above while also giving you a few tools for how to hook up and link into the Force that flows through you already.

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