Energy Flows Where Intention Goes

So my Intention for you….

… is that you find and activate
that which makes you come ALIVE.

 For that I will create for you a safe, intelligent and sacred space
in which you are deeply held and appropriately supported
so that you break thru the glass ceilings that hold you back

and all that keeps you small or stuck or quiet.

Because I know that when you do the things that make you truly YOU,
that you expand with JOY and LOVE and WISDOM and PLAY.
And if there is one thing we both know,
it’s that the world needs more of that; a lot more of that.
So I will provide you with guidance and support
as you evolve and grow thru the messy and the marvelous
into the ALIVENESS of the New Human
that the 21st Century instinctively needs you to be.

SAY YES to experiencing yourself as the
Joyful, Loving, Wise and Playful Light of Divinity Embodied.


DARE to be all you came here to through a


40 Day Inner Revolution or a
6 Month Metamorphosis

or one of four 40 Days of Inner Power Packages
each rooted in the energy and wisdom of a different Goddess
from the Hindu Pantheon of Yogic Goddesses
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Sacred Feminine Wisdom Online Course

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To some you may appear unconventional or non mainstream….
but you can trust me when I say,
you won’t seem weird or strange to me.
You probably find life frustrating, challenging and hard at times,
mysterious and magical at others,
and in other ways,
down right anxiety provoking, maybe even depressing.
But it’s only because you know there is a better way for the world
than the way in which we currently live.
So believe me when I say,
it is not the nature of your Original self to be
small or stuck or quiet or unloved or fearful or afraid.

Instead you have a light that shines from the core of your Soul,
through the gateway of your heart.
And when your heart is open and the
Rhythm of Self Love is Flowing through your daily life,
you connect to a calling that will not lay down…
and which must, and will, be heard…..
a calling that will change the direction of the world.


And so I will create and hold for you a space in which
you will reveal who you really are
and why you are really here.
A space in which you can find what what makes you come ALIVE.
And when you reveal this information,
you will re-connect with the Sacred Blueprint
and Divine Intention
that wants to flow through everything that you do….

and you will embrace your whole life as
the Sacred Flow of Destiny unfolding
exactly as it should.


This is the kind of space in which the right questions will be asked of you….

… the kind of questions that are structured in a way
that will open you up to hear from a level of wisdom
that comes from deep within your Soul….
This is a level of wisdom that is so much deeper than what you are normally aware of…..
…. so much deeper in fact…
… that you will come face to face with your Sacred Self…
… face to face with the one who know’s why you are here….
… face to face,
and embodied with,
the Divinity that flows in, through and
as YOU in the world today.

When you are asked the kinds of questions
that allow you to hear this deeper wisdom…
and you uncover what to do with this insight…
and are held accountable in a space like this….
You will experience the FREEDOM
to reveal your Deepest Truth….
and speak from your SacredVoice….

How would life be different if you had
the courage and endurance and the ways and means to
live the life you know is happening in a parallel Universe?

Come ALIVE and LIVE your SacredPurpose in THIS Universe.

KNOW that 
the people, situations, opportunities and experiences you need,
will come into the flow of your life path, spontaneously….

KNOW that
you can naturally and courageously,
enact your SacredResponsibility
with the stamina of cosmic endurance
because you can channel an inner power
that embodies the Divinity of your Soul in precious human form.

Say YES to Universal energies that conspire with you…

Say YES to easily attracting the right people,
circumstances and experiences into your field…

Say YES to making anything and everything possible…
even the apparently impossible 😉



AND as your Sacred Hypno Goddess I say YES to:

  • holding a safe and sacred space in which you may un learn patterns of thought, feeling and behavior that no longer serve you and, in so doing, uncover your true and essential, SacredSelf ….
  • helping you channel your inner Power, 
  • revealing your SacredTruth by downloading the blueprint of your Soul,
  • recalibrating your subtle field with your SacredVoice so that you are empowered with the skills and ability to walk, talk and speak your deepest Truths and Soulful intentions with courage and conviction – without holding any of YOU back,
  • holding your hand through the messy and marvelous of awakening to deeper and deeper levels of health and happiness, love, wisdom and play,
  • exploring the impossible as Sacred and Divine in, through and as you in precious human form, and,
  • holding you accountable and keeping you in check with the Sacred Flow of Destiny unfolding in, through and as you.


It is time to REVOLUTIONIZE the way you live your life
and to reveal the TRUTH about who you really are….

with a DESIRE and LONGING that must unfold.


It’s time to re-member your lost knowledge,
know why you are here…
and to BE ONLY that.

And I am committed to uncovering that for you…

…to Journeying with you…

…and to creating a future we are all proud of being a part of.

Because I know this is important to you too.
Otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far down the page.
Say YES to finding what makes you come most ALIVE
and you say YES to what makes Humanity come ALIVE too.


DARE to be all you came here to through a


40 Day Inner Revolution or a
6 Month Metamorphosis

or one of four 40 Days of Inner Power Packages
each rooted in the energy and wisdom of a different Goddess
from the Hindu Pantheon of Yogic Goddesses
or embark upon a six module

Sacred Feminine Wisdom Online Course

and keep an eye on

Workshops and Retreats


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With Sacred Love and Divine Devotion

Kali Carmel Cathie




A lover and a giver, a holder and a nurturer, with more than a decade of experience as a certified and licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a life time practice in yoga and Meditation. Her offerings will guide you in activating your wisest SacredSelf as you evolve into the New Human of the 21st Century and experience yourself as the Cosmic Light of Divinity Embodied. Dare to be all you came here to 😉




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