Welcome to Your Daily Meditation Practice

Welcome. I am so happy you are here. Whether you have come from KaliCathie.com, MalaHypnotherapy.com or SacredHypnoGoddess.com, you are someone who wants to tap into into your innermost, deepest wisdom and live the life you truly came here to. Perhaps you already know that Meditation, and working with the power of your sub conscious mind, provides the cornerstone for living a consciously elevated life that is powerful in it’s capacity to manifest your soul intentions and live out your heart felt dreams.

Below you will find a self hypnosis recording designed to help you transcend the anxiety you may feel when stepping into your most authentic self, along with four different meditations and two yoga nidras. Making time to sit with one of the following practices each day will not only elevate your consciousness and increase your intuitive capacity, but will also accelerate your development and growth in general daily life as well as awaken within you deep and powerful skills in manifestation.

Adding meditation to your repertoire of daily life activities will enhance your experience of REALITY in unexpected and potent ways. Trust me, miracles will unfold in ways that once seemed truly impossible in your old reality. It’s also true that 5 – 10 minutes of daily meditation practice is far more effective than an hour once a week. So commit this practice to YOU… and Enjoy it daily! Your reality will shift in potent ways because of it.

Self Hypnosis

Being You


Awareness to Breath

Train of Thought

The Transformative Power of the Goddess

Being Held By the Goddess


Yoga Nidra

Accessing the Feminine Face of Spirit

Flame of Transformation


For more personalized one-on-one support, please contact me so we can find the best portal through which you can access the reality you truly desire to be living.


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