Channeling Lakshmi

Access Your Inner Beauty and Worldly Abundance


In creating the space for this ’40 days of Channeling Lakshmi’, you’ve made a profoundly important and deeply beautiful commitment to yourself, your daily life and to the evolution of your Soul. You’ve also made a profound commitment to the evolution of humanity. For in doing this kind of practice for yourself you are contributing to the elevation of Collective Consciousness.

Invoking and devoting to Lakshmi for this next 40 days will open your heart, shed layers from your physical being and deeply impact your soul in all areas of worldly life. You’ll expand your experience and perception of abundance in your life and you will unlock the secrets of what it means to be truly enlivened by creativity, generosity and love. This is your 40 days. The clearer your intentions and the more effort, in the form of daily practice, that you put in, the more you will get out of it. The container is set. It is designed to empower you with the skills and resources to move forward on your own, but to also have all the support you need in doing so. All you have to do is create the space for yourself to percolate in it, do the practice and then move through whatever it is that Lakshmi brings up from within for you to face into. And in so doing, you will transcend the dimensional barriers that are holding you back from walking the path you came here to at this particular juncture of life.

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