Channeling Durga

Build Confidence and Cut thru Inner and Outer Obstacles

You’ve made a beautiful, deep and meaningful commitment in registering for this 40 Days of Inner Power. In many ways Durga is the modern day Goddess we need to herald us through these times and the more of us who get in touch with this power to cut through negative energies, inside our own minds, as well as in the world around us, and to discern what is true through our bones to our Soul, is the Inner Power most desperately needed to get thru this political climate in which we currently live. For it is the ways and attitudes of Durga that will enlighten our path for a more sustainable future. She is the one who in myth saves the world when nobody else can. Durga is the one who will fight for justice, equality and discernment, in both inner and outer realms. She is the one who will flow through you in order to defend those who are weak, sick or minimized by society. She will splice through any negativity or darkness with Her sword and She will stand at your back guiding and supporting you through even your most challenging moments. Invoking and devoting to Durga for this next 40 days will change your world, both inner and outer, in empowering and transforming ways.

This is your 40 days. The clearer your intentions and the more effort you put in, on a consistent daily basis, the more you will get out of it. The container is set. It is designed to empower you with the skills and resources to move forward on your own, but to also have all the support you need in doing so. All you have to do is create the space for yourself to percolate in it, do the practice and then move through whatever it is that Durga brings up from within for you to face into. And in so doing, you will transcend the dimensional barriers that are holding you back from walking the path you came here to at this particular juncture of life.

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