IMG_20150719_134757Kali Carmel Cathie, always a lover and a giver, a holder and a nurturer, and, with more than a decade of experience as a certified and licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, combined with her Wanderlust Yoga teacher training and Zen Meditation, her offerings empower seekers to Liberate the Wisdom of the SacredSelf and to harness the power of their own fierce grace. In so doing people transform limiting emotions and behaviors in a way that allows them to experience and interpret the flow of Divinity in and through their precious human form.


The health and well-being of both women and men,
their capacity to ebb and to flow with balance through the twists and turns of life,
to understand the cycles that flow through them,
speak their Truth and be at their most empowered Self,
is at the heart of all her offerings.
Her offerings in Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Yoga,
Women’s Moon Circle’s,
Workshops and Spiritual Guidance in general,
all have this as the ever precious link to health and well-being for all.


Working with Kali Carmel, you will engage in Superconscious practices conducted at the level of Soul which will aid and support you in Re-Membering who you really are as you:

  • re-engage with the subtle energy of Sacred Feminine Wisdom that flows in, through and as YOU
  • unite that with the Pure Awareness of Sacred Masculine energy, that holds and supports it all,
  • access your Sacred Truth
  • courageously speak your Sacred Voice, and thereby
  • become fiercely clear and focused upon your greater Sacred Purpose and Responsibility for this life time, while
  • tapping into your Sacred Self and fierce unrelenting Grace, your inner Sacred wisdom and Divine connection with the power of Creation.

Kali Carmel works out of her SacredHypnoGoddess Cavern in Lake Tahoe, California, and over Skype from anywhere in the world (as well as providing her offerings in local areas upon prior arrangement).


She is quite possibly, the only person
to work with hypnotic processes
in the SoulFully unique and powerfully Sacred way
that she does.


A Sacred Thread of Divinity flows through her one on one sessions, workshops, SacredSHE Moon Circles and yoga classes, providing a nurturing container that aids and supports in the quietening of your mind and the opening of your Sacred Heart. Here you develop the capacity for the deep listening required to hear your Soul speak as the Divinity that flows in, through and as YOU in precious human form. With her keen intuitive sense and a deep understanding of spiritual growth and personal development, her work helps guide you all the way to your deepest, most empowered, Sacred Self.


Here you harness your inner power to access and reveal your SacredTruth
so that you may speak from your SacredVoice
and activate, with courage and conviction, your SacredResponsibility
for the Higher Good of All in the world today.


Your purpose in life is to experience yourself as
Divinity Embodied.



For more information about back ground education,
experience and skills of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Meditation facilitator,
Kali Carmel Cathie, click this link here