40 Day’s of Inner Power Packages

“Channeling your Inner Goddess” Series-Inner Power

These 40 Day Inner Power packages are the children of my Goddess Practice over the past several years. In 2015 I did a six month course with Sally Kempton and Andrew Harvey where I got to immerse myself in the wisdom and power of the “Evolutionary Goddess”. Needless to say it changed my inner and outer worlds in powerful and profound ways. I was already studying and practicing with the Goddess, but the combined teaching of these two incredible humans deepened my insight in extraordinary ways. As a result of that work, and many other courses and retreats too that I have been on with Sally Kempton, I have now created these Divinely Inspired offerings.

I say Divinely Inspired for they have come through me.
They are not of me.
I just hold the container in which the Sacred
that wants to unfold through you may flow.


I have been guided to be the human in holding this container, but it is the Goddess in Her Evolutionary Form that is in the drivers seat. With this container, that includes MP3 downloadable meditations, mantra, journaling practices and one on one sessions with me to explore and liberate various different parts of your personality, along with your 40 day commitment, I can assure you that your life experience will change, evolve and deepen in profound and surprising ways.

Personally, through this practice, I have found myself miraculously pregnant after years of trying. I was told by doctors that I would need donor eggs if I wanted to produce a child through this body. But, without any extra effort or intervention, I have naturally conceived and am, at the time of this publication, half way through my pregnancy. I am due in July 2017.

I assure you, from my own personal experience,
if you put the practice in,

this work is powerful in profound, bold, rich,
mysterious and magical ways

Politically we are in the womb of the Underworld here in America as we go through very dark times, but as the 21st century unfurls, the Divine Feminine is revealing Herself in both women and men as a powerful change agent, in both the personal and the Collective. We are coming together in unprecedented ways, even though it is still frightening and scary and incredibly disconcerting on many different levels. But it is during these chaotic and uncertain times that I have found Goddess Practice, combined with Parts Therapy and meditative processes that take you deep into the sub conscious mind, that potent channels to accessing your Inner Power and activating your most potent life path are accessed. And this changes how you perceive and experience the world and all that is happening in it in rich, bold, mysterious and profound ways.

Knowing that the Goddess has your back,

no matter what is going on,

literally changes everything.


Further, the way to liberate us from the Patriarchy in which we are currently embedded, is to liberate the Patriarchy within ourselves. It is time for us to re-awaken the Divine Feminine and then to MERGE Her back with the Divine Masculine in a whole new paradigm. This takes inner work that develops greater self awareness, deeper capacity for mutual honor and respect and an evolutionary approach to collaboration. It’s time to recognize both halves of reality, SIMULTANEOUSLY. Not one or the other, but the WHOLE, of which we are each a full and complete part.

The following are 40 Day packages, each designed to address a different dimension
of life experience through Goddess Practice and Parts Therapy

Each include meditation practices and one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions that will enable you to move through personal blockages and achieve specific life orientation goals while moving through such turbulent times. Engaging in both Goddess practice and “Parts Therapy”, while in a deep subconscious state of awareness, these packages, created for both men and women, and humanity in general, regardless of faith or religious orientation, will enable you to break through that which holds you back and keeps you small, stuck, fearful, limited, marginalized or just plain quiet. They will enable you to know yourself at deeper and more intimate levels, while empowering you to live the best possible and most authentic version of yourself. Each one, in it’s own unique way, will connect you to the source of Divinity that lives both within and around you and dive you deep into, and through, the heart of whatever is keeping you from living the life you came here to.

Each one will help you answer the question,

‘what is it that is seeking to awaken within me at this time?’

Perhaps you choose to do just one. Perhaps you feel called by two or more. Either way, start wherever feels most potent and take it from there. And if you have no idea then start with Durga for it is Durga who saves the world when nobody else can and that is what the world needs most at this time.

These are one-on-one package programs personally designed to guide you through a certain phase or life situation. Coupled with both my unique way of working with the individual psyche and the invocation of Goddess energy, these are powerful, divinely inspired, offerings that will change the way you view and experience reality, the process of manifestation and life in general. The life you came here to live is nearer than you think.

This work can be conducted over Skype anywhere in the world
or in person in Tahoe City, California.


Each offering includes:

  • opening questionnaire to assess individual goals and needs
  • four transpersonal hypnotherapy sessions personalized specifically for your unique self
  • an invocation mantra for the Goddess Power you are learning to channel in this 40 days
  • two downloadable meditations that you will practice with daily. Used together they will break down, dissolve and clear the past, physically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually as well as invoke the relevant Goddess power, uncover the parts of you that are holding you back, remove blocks and resistance and create the new way forward
  • journalling practices to deepen insights gained in meditation and prepare for one on one sessions
  • unlimited email support between sessions
  • closing questionnaire to assess goal accomplishment and your next layer of growth
  • a pathway to a more liberated you and a more integral experience of reality and life in general

Time Investment:

  • each 7-10 days you will have a one-on-one session with Kali that will take up to an hour and a half – four in total.
  • you will want to schedule time for your own personal practice where you will sit with the meditations for your chosen practice and then journal about them afterward – an absolute minimum of ten minutes and an average of thirty-forty minutes daily, and more if called for, would be ideal. How much personal practice you put into is really up to you. Obviously the more the better. But consistent daily practice is what is most important. This time includes mantra, meditation and journaling. The journaling truly does deepen your insight and prepare you for greater depth in your one-on-one sessions.
  • you can start your 40 days whenever you like… obviously the sooner the better!
  • the intake questionnaire is completed upon registration.

This 40 practice is set up so that you can create a sustainable practice, one in which you can continue with on your own after the forty days is complete…. or perhaps you feel called to explore a different aspect of Goddess in another 40 Day practice? It’s entirely up to where you are called.

Rate per 40-Day Program: $808(usd)


Choose from the following:


1. Channeling Durga

Build Confidence and Cut thru Inner and Outer Obstacles with She Who Saves the World When Nobody Else Can


This is for you if:

  • you are feeling weak, small or incapable
  • the darkness in the world around you and inside your own mind has become too dark, negative or limiting
  • you have a cause you want to fight for
  • a friend or group of people you want to stand up for need your strength
  • you need strength initiating or moving through a relationship breakup
  • you find yourself in challenging situations of any kind
  • a project you are working on is lagging in getting off the ground (or being completed)
  • the shadowy side of your ego is acting out
  • you want to create a better world/community/living environment

$808(usd) – you will instantly receive all instructions and meditations as well as your intake questionnaire.
All you have to do next is schedule your four one-on-one sessions by contacting Kali here


2. Channeling Saraswati

Inspire Creativity, Intuition and Wisdom with She Who Flow’s


This is for you if you:

  • are feeling stuck in old patterns of thinking or ways of being
  • need help in any form of study or practice, including exam preparation
  • have a musical project you want to embrace
  • are struggling in writing and delivering an upcoming speech
  • feel blocked to writing your book, or any other creative writing project
  • want to develop your skills of intuition
  • want to learn a new language
  • want to deepen your meditation practice
  • feel blocked to the natural wisdom and flow of your life

$808(usd) – you will instantly receive all instructions and meditations as well as your intake questionnaire.
All you have to do next is schedule your four one-on-one sessions by contacting Kali here


3. Channeling Lakshmi

Access Your Inner Beauty and Worldly Abundance with the Goddess of Blessings, Confidence and Goodness


This is for you if:

  • poverty consciousness and feelings of lack are strong
  • you feel stuck or blocked to worldly abundance
  • beauty seems to elude you
  • gratitude and generosity feel hard for you
  • relationships are not harmonious
  • you are ready to attract your next lover or life partner
  • the Universe doesn’t appear to be supporting you
  • you want to invoke health, wealth, love and happiness in your life.
  • you want to improve fertility, prepare for pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child
  • worldly life seems hard
  • you want to incarnate sustainability within yourself, community and the world
  • you feel like your inner radiance and zest for life has burned out

$808(usd) – you will instantly receive all instructions and meditations as well as your intake questionnaire.
All you have to do next is schedule your four one-on-one sessions by contacting Kali here


4. Channeling Dhumavati

Manage Disappointment and Letting Go with She Who Ultimately Bestows the Gifts of Detachment, Emptiness and Freedom


This is for you if:

  • something deeply disappointing has just happened or is happening
  • you are struggling with grief and the feeling of loss
  • you are wanting to experience egolessness
  • you have been marginalized
  • the aging process is challenging to accept
  • the freedom of letting go is calling you
  • letting go is scary and hard
  • compassion for the elderly, homeless or sick is a quality you want to develop and/or deepen now
  • you are ready to access the wisdom and humor of the crone you will come to know as Sage
  • the thought free phase of meditation now beckons
  • you need to detach from something or someone

$808(usd) – you will instantly receive all instructions and meditations as well as your intake questionnaire.
All you have to do next is schedule your four one-on-one sessions by contacting Kali here