3 Month Sacred Transformation

If you’ve:

had an internal reshuffle thru completing the 30 day SacredSelf Revolution,
had an Awakening and you don’t know what you want or who the hey you are anymore,
are frustrated that each time you open your mouth old patterns of stuckness or smallness emerge
you’re fed up and really, truly ready to move on from where you’re at in life,
then you’re ready to deepen your expression of SacredSelf by finding and speaking your Sacred Voice.

In other words,
it’s time to activate your SacredTruth
and speak your SacredVoice
with the courage and conviction of your SoulSelf.


You’re likely experiencing an Inner Revolution that is having you question old beliefs and ways of being. People you used to hold in high esteem don’t have the answers for you anymore and what used to bring you great joy, now seems empty and meaningless. You might feel as if you are lacking confidence and feeling uncertain about how to BE in the world. And the whole process can feel quite disheartening…. but once you’ve crossed the invisible rubicon of awakening, there is no turning back…. and you find that you are:

Waking up from one experience of reality into another
and, whether it seems disorienting or exciting, confusing or depressing,
or any other mixture of emotions,
it requires a surrendering to the Transformation that is in action…..
Because it has a power and intention of it’s own.
And it’s time to find out what it is!


Something so profound has shifted, or is shifting, within you, that you have no other choice, but to still yourself and listen… to listen more deeply than you’ve perhaps ever listened before… Here you’ve come to the realization that real transformation takes time and you’re now fully motivated to integrate with the deeper level of wisdom that is bubbling up from within you…. it’s deeper than what you’ve ever HEARD before because it is coming from a deeper level of consciousness that you are now ready to merge with.

It’s SO exciting!
And maybe scary too….
But you’ve got this, you really have.
And I am here to hold your hand and guide you through the process.
I SO wish I had access to someone like me when I was going through this journey!


Because this internal revolution pushes you through a re orientation of life-perspective, maybe even a complete disintegration of who you thought you were, it is going to require a nurturing container. And through this process you access deeper and deeper levels of your SacredSelf, which brings deeper levels of confidence and conviction, courage, joy and love… and here you find your SacredVoice and speak your SacredTruth.

So when you’re ready for this level of work,
you’re ready to take your foot off the gas and your hands from the steering wheel.
You’re ready to lean in and surrender into the experience of Divinity embodied.
You recognize that the time has come to embrace the realm of the New Human
– the Divinized Human – the Human of the post modern 21st Century…..
that it is time to get out of your own way!!
You’ve come here for a purpose and you don’t want to waste any more time dillydallying!


you have got something to say….
…… you might not know what it is yet…
But you’re ready to find out
AND it’s time to speak your sacred truth.
because that is what you were born to do.


All that is in your way are old belief patterns and structures of thought that keep you going in the same old cycles and creating the same old results. But if you’re ready to flip the switch and experience the free flowing, grace and ease of your SacredVoice naturally gliding from your lips with your SacredTruth in all that you say and do, then you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work.

Just reading a page like this means you’re ready! So lets get started.