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To channel your Inner Power you need a solid container and structure of support...

I offer personalized packages to hold and guide you as life transitions from one chapter to the next...

“Restore your most Ancient Knowledge and Greatest Power” A SIX Module Online Journey into the Wisdom of a 21st Century Woman’s ‘Energy Cycle’ A SIX MODULE COURSE YOU CAN COMPLETE IN YOUR OWN TIME Per Module Content includes: ~ Four Content Talks ~ Two-Four Meditations ~ One Mantra Plus Six Bonus Expert Interviews and Virtual Sister Circle in […]

“Channeling your Inner Goddess” Series-Inner Power These 40 Day Inner Power packages are the children of my Goddess Practice over the past several years. In 2015 I did a six month course with Sally Kempton and Andrew Harvey where I got to immerse myself in the wisdom and power of the “Evolutionary Goddess”. Needless to […]

So my Intention for you…. … is that you find and activate that which makes you come ALIVE.  For that I will create for you a safe, intelligent and sacred space in which you are deeply held and appropriately supported so that you break thru the glass ceilings that hold you back and all that keeps you small or stuck or quiet. […]

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Sacred Feminine Wisdom Online - a Six Module Course to Restore your Most Ancient Knowledge and Greatest Power

  • Liesbet-c“I feel blessed to have found Kali Cathie and her Sacred Feminine Wisdom Course.  Journeying with Kali through the cycles of the moon I was able to discover the many phases of my female soul.  In Durga I stood in the fire, surrounded by women, powerful and wise, hungry to fight for the change I want to see in the world.  Kali taught me to shed all I thought was and gave me an iridescent cloak through which my personal knowledge could shine.  With Parvati I lay in a bed of flowers, giggling with fellow women and the power of our love.  I did not know these goddesses before participating in Kali’s circle.  Although they live within me, I had never spoken to them.  Kali and the circle of women I shared this experience with brought their wisdom alive in me.  I will be forever grateful for the insight and wisdom I gained and the tender, yet powerful connection I shared with the women in this circle.  It will always be with me and inspires me to see more.” Liesbet Bickett

    - Forever grateful for the insight and wisdom
  • Amie-Lynn“Kali’s sacred feminine wisdom course could not have come at a better time for me. I happened to meet Kali at a yoga class and felt instantly inclined to be more involved. The connection the women and I felt in our classes is hard to describe – so I’ll just leave it at magical. The wisdom Kali shared enlightened me in ways I didn’t know were possible. Uplifted me in ways I knew I needed but couldn’t find on my own. Encouraged me to stay in touch with my mind. It’s something I’ll hold forever in my heart. Highly recommended!” Amie Lynn

    - The connections we made were magical
  • Gail-Penney“I LOVED this class!!! After participating in Kali’s teachings on female archetypes, I feel better about being an older woman. My previous conception of  a Crone  was a negative one and I had some fears regarding the aging process. I feel more comfortable to be able to share my life’s experiences with younger women; to understand that we have so many thoughts and feelings in common even though there’s a difference in our life cycles.  It was so wonderful to be in a group of women to share our strengths and vulnerabilities and gain new perspectives. I also learned new meditation techniques that I am practicing on a regular basis and it puts me into such a peaceful state of mind. Kali has also helped me with hypnosis and dream analysis. This is such an amazing experience to delve into your subconscious. It has given me a new awareness and compassion towards myself. I have always had compassion toward others but have been really hard on myself at times. If there is an opportunity to take one of Kali’s classes, I highly encourage you to do so.” Gail Penney
    - I feel better about being an older woman
  • Lindsey-Rae“Sacred Feminine Wisdom was truly a spectacular course. I felt instantly connected to the material in every class, though each one was unique and fascinating. The Mantras we learned were a huge piece of the puzzle for me personally. I cherished walking away from each class with a new mantra and relationship to work on with new Goddesses. I feel enriched now that I have this knowledge and awareness in my tool belt. Kali is a wonderful teacher; her narrative voice is clear and powerful, and her knowledge and passion for the subject is truly authentic. From one woman to all others, I highly encourage and support giving yourself the gift of this class!” Lindsey Rae Rodriguez

    - Give yourself the gift of this class

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